Let performance does matter help you with system design that caters for future performance and scalability requirements and plan how to get there incrementally.


Accelerate your code with parallel processing, optimisations to key alogorithm and coprocessors like GPUs and the Intel Phi.


Designing and implementing highly concurrent, distributed systems is what we do well. Start small with a view to growing without bound.

At performance does matter we focus on promoting performance and scalability as key drivers when designing software systems.

Many systems fail to meet performance and scaling requirements as businesses grow and the cost to rectify this can be massive. A small initial investment in system design and planning leads to a much better outcome.

Performance does matter can help you:

  • Understand your system requirements at scale
  • Design systems and solutions that scale beautifully
  • Implement high performance software, including:
    • Multithreaded, highly concurrent/parallel code
    • Vectorised (SSE, etc) code
    • GPU and Intel Phi accelerated solutions
    • Compute cluster solutions
  • Consultation on performance, scaling and optimisation techniques
  • Work with your team to refactor existing code bases to overcome performance and scalability bottlenecks

Just remember, performance does matter - don't leave it until it's too late!

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